Escondido and Fagnano Lakes

The adventure begins once we leave the last hotel towards the outskirts of the city, along National Route N°3 heading northeast, and bordering the most conspicuous mountains in Ushuaia: Monte Olivia and Cinco Hermanos. Our first photographic stop will be the Tierra Mayor Winter Center (the only restaurant with an adapted bathroom), where we will have a wonderful view of the homonymous valley and its extensive peat bog, surrounded by Cerro Bonete and Alvear. This center is one of the first on the island and belonged to the famous Antarctic expeditionary and head of the Belgrano Base, Gustavo Giró Tapper, who participated in the first Argentine land expedition to the South Pole, “Operation 90”. Today, the business has been left in the hands of his relatives, who serve daily to all tourists and residents who seek to eat the famous Fuegian lamb cooked on the spit. If you don’t eat lamb, of course they offer other equally delicious options.

Once on the road, we will be able to see Cerro Castor, the most important alpine ski center in our country, and in its surroundings we will be able to see from the van the effect of the beaver’s presence in the Fuegian forest. Ten minutes away we will visit the 3005 motorcycle museum, in the Haruwen complex. This bar has copies of different brands, one of them being the famous national brand PUMA, in addition to offering a small tasting (whenever possible and if there is stock) of liquor or handmade gin, of excellent taste.


Once again on the road we will reach a crossroads in a sector called Rancho Hambre, belonging to the National Roads Delegation in the province, and we will continue along the asphalt road uphill towards the imposing Garibaldi Pass. This pass is about 450 meters above sea level and will give us one of the best landscapes and postcards of Tierra del Fuego: view of Lake Escondido and Fagnano. This pass has ramp access for people with wheelchairs and is covered with glass to enjoy the view safely. Then, we will cross the Andes Mountain Range, the entire stretch within the Argentinean sector, to reach the Fagnano Lake viewpoint.

Finally, we will return by the same route that accompanied us all day, back to Tierra Mayor, where passengers decide whether to have lunch in the middle of the impressive valley.