Tierra del Fuego National Park in a wheelchair

It is now possible in Tierra del Fuego to visit the National Park in a wheelchair, one of the main attractions of our destination, snow-capped mountains, reddish peat, hanging valleys and lakes of original beauty bordered by the Subantarctic forest among other things will frame an unforgettable experience. 

The National Park is located to the west along route N°3 just 12 km from the center of Ushuaia.

Here are a series of attractions that you have to know in the visit to the National Park and that are possible to be visited being a wheelchair user, in addition to the landscape that can be appreciated while going to these points.

National park in a wheelchair
End of the World Train

End of the World Train Station before entering the park. 

This excursion can be combined with the End of the World Train ride, which is taken before entering the park and ends inside the park at the National Park station, where if you take the excursion with us after the train has finished, the guide/driver will be waiting for you to continue the ride in our adapted transportation.   

The train is taken from the main station of the End of the World Train. Its route revives the last original kilometers and invites you to remember the passage and work of the prisoners at the end of the world, with an incomparable landscape. The train has a wagon for people with disabilities, and both the main station and the Parque Nacional station have adapted toilets. The cars have individual audio guide service available in several languages.

national park in a wheelchair parque nacional en silla de ruedas
Post Office "Hugo Acuña"

Zaratiegui Cove

One of the most outstanding tourist points of the park is the Zaratiegui Cove: a small bay where the sea, forest and mountain are combined, from where you can see the Redonda and Hoste islands, the latter within the Chilean sector of the island. It is here where the mythical Post Office “Hugo Acuña” is located, from where hundreds of postcards are sent to the rest of the world or where you can stamp your passport (paid service)

parque nacional en silla de ruedas
Acigami Lake

Acigami Lake

Another site of interest is Lake Acigami (ex Roca), a lake of glacial origin located between Argentina and Chile, being divided by the international boundary. There we will be able to reach the shore with the net chair, since it is very close to the parking lot (a few steps away) or you can use the existing wooden deck for that purpose. In addition, we will have the beautiful carved sign with the name of the lake with beautiful decorations of Yámana harpoon points: the original people of the area, who named and inhabited the lake. Although the park does not currently have a restaurant or restaurant, there is a visitor center: Alakush, with adapted restrooms and an interpretation room that can be accessed by ramp.

national park in a wheelchair
Road to the panoramic view of Lapataia Bay

The star of the tour will undoubtedly be Lapataia Bay: the end of National Route 3 and the Panamerican Highway, which crosses much of the American continent, and with one of the most breathtaking views of the end of the world. The access to the bay will be by a wooden footbridge suitable for wheelchairs.

The excursion lasts 4.30 hours. 

The entrance fee to the National Park is subsidized for people with disabilities as well as for companions, retirees, pensioners and people over 65 years old.